What is the Word Gap?

According to the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), the "Word Gap" is the difference between the number of words children from low-income families are exposed to as compared to children from high-income families. By age three, children from low-income families hear 30 million fewer words than their more affluent peers. This gap can have serious consequences for our children, affecting how they develop language, perform in school and learn new information throughout their lifetime.

It is so serious that President Barack Obama makes this issue one of his top priorities and has called on a number of agencies to work to bridge this word gap:

The word gap does not only affect low-income families. Everyone needs to be aware of the word gap! Some parents are just not talkative, or do not realize that babies are listening and learning even though they can’t talk. Many babies spend their early formative years in daycares or with grandparents who may not talk and interact with the babies for a number of reasons.

The good news is that we can all work together to spread the word, interact with babies and help babies everywhere get the best start possible! Download Aimee's Babies Word Gap App today and start talking with your baby!