The Talking to your Child section of the app contains over 200 short video clips broken down into age groups to demonstrate ideas for talking to your child all day long. From words to use while cooking to teach math skills, to language to use during play to build your child’s independence, to positive language to build self-esteem, these video clips offer it all.

No actors or studios were used for these videos! All clips feature real families filmed in real homes, and all suggestions are designed so that they can be easily integrated into a busy parent’s day.

The Word Gap Hack section offers video clips showing clever solutions to beat the word gap! By including these ideas into your daily routine, you will automatically help your child hear more words and speak more words, building that important vocabulary!

Earn points for every video you watch and try with your child.  The app will keep a running tally of your points and you can try every week to beat your points, adding more interactions and words to your child’s vocabulary.